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Re: Converting / to ext3.

On Wednesday, November 01 2000, Sam Varshavchik said:

> My guinea pig laptop has only a / partition, and a small /boot
> partition.  I installed the ext3 kernel succesfully (I think).  Now, how
> do I get / converted to ext3?  I'm thinking:

What you describe should work, but there's an easier way :)  From the
README in the actual ext3 patch tarball (not in the srpm either
unfortunately but I've done this a few times now ;)

Creating a journal on your root filesystem
How do you add the "-o journal=<nnn>" to the mount options for the
root filesystem?  Obviously, / gets mounted for you by the kernel, so
you can't add it on the mount command.  However, the ext3 comes with a
new kernel boot option, "rootflags=", which lets you specify any
options you want to be used when / is mounted.
To create the journal on your root filesystem, then, you want to boot
once with the rootflags option.  When creating the journal, it is also
important to mount the root in read-write mode.  So, the kernel
command line options you want to add will look like this:
        rw rootflags=journal=12
if your journal.dat is inode number 12.  If you are using LILO as your
boot loader, you can either specify these options at the boot prompt,
or you can force LILO to add new temporary kernel options just for the
next boot only: if the LILO kernel image is called "ext3", then you
can run
        /sbin/lilo -R ext3 rw rootflags=journal=12 

and reboot to get the kernel to build your journal on the root

=== End excerpt ===

Also, you'll want to change the type of / to be ext3 instead of ext2 in
/etc/fstab (obviously) and then everything "just works".  Or at least,
it's worked for me :)



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