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Re: Converting / to ext3.

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> Also, you'll want to change the type of / to be ext3 instead of ext2 in
> /etc/fstab (obviously) and then everything "just works".  Or at least,
> it's worked for me :)

It doesn't appear necessary to add the journal= flag to /etc/fstab in
addition to rootflags=. It looks to me like the either the /etc/fstab
options not reread when root gets remounted in rw mode, or if an ext3
journal exists, you don't have to specify it when remounting root.

I just succesfully converted / to ext3.  I made sure by killing the
system, and rebooting, and I did not put the journal option in /etc/fstab.  
Very interesting.

> next boot only: if the LILO kernel image is called "ext3", then you
> can run
>       /sbin/lilo -R ext3 rw rootflags=journal=12 

What also works is to stick that into lilo.conf.  This is what works for


Just like for ext2 you need to boot with / mounted read-only.  When I
killed the laptop, at boot there was a message that / will be temporarily
mounted rw while ext3 rebuilds it, then it goes back to readonly until
initscripts remounts it.


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