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Re: kernel oops


On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 01:49:26PM -0500, mgalgoci redhat com wrote:
> This is probably way far unsupported, but here goes:
> I had been running ext3 0.0.3b for a while and found that I wanted to 
> convert back to ext2 so I could still play with 2.4test kernels.
> Here is what I did:
> 	1) boot the machine with kernel args init=/bin/bash

But the filesystem was still mounted, as ext3?
> 	2) run debugfs on the root partition to remove the have_journal
> ext2 feature flag.
> 	3) remount the root filesystem rw as ext2

You cannot change the filesystem type on remount.  All this does is to
remount the filesystem as readwrite, and you've been messing with its
data underneath, so I'm not surprised it got upset at this point!
What was the oops, though?
> Kernel Oopsville at that point. Why does ext3 even bother journaling when
> the filesystem is ro?

It doesn't, but it _does_ do a journal log replay (because otherwise
the filesystem is in an inconsistent state, and the kernel would be
caching that unrecovered bad state from mount time).

I'd just have left the filesystem as ext3, though --- you can mount a
cleanly-unmounted ext3 filesystem as ext2 quite safely.


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