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Re: recovery warning.


sct redhat com said:
> That message doesn't occur for me, and can only happen if recovery is
> in fact required.  This implies either that you are not unmounting
> cleanly, or that there is something wrong with the unmount.  Could you
> give a bit more detail about how you are unmounting here? 

I've just looked more carefully at my (several) boxes running ext3.

I see this happen on the root filesystem on all reboots - clean or 
otherwise.  Other filesystems behave as expected (ie journal replay if 
its an unclean shutdown).

The systems are a stripped down RH6.2 base - in particular the init 
scripts have not been changed from the most recent RH62 issue.  I 
instrumented the init scripts (basically added a 'cat /proc/mounts; ps 
aux' after the remount r/o of root.  At this point nothing untoward was 
running, only root and proc was mounted, and root was readonly.   Even 
then I am still seeing these messages logged on root mount:-
  EXT3-fs: WARNING: recovery required on readonly filesystem.
  EXT3-fs: write access will be enabled during recovery.
  JFS DEBUG: (journal.c, 549): journal_init_inode: journal c7f97b60:
	inode 48:09/12, size 10485760, bits 12, blksize 4096
  JFS DEBUG: (recovery.c, 414): journal_recover: JFS: recovery,
	exit status 0, recovered transactions 66 to 66
  EXT3-fs: recovery complete.
  VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly.

The kernel is a self-built 2.2.18pre16, with ext3 0.0.3b.

Just to check I upgraded the e2fsprogs on one box from 1.19 to 
1.20-WIP-1026 - no change in effect.

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