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Re: I am confused


On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 05:55:56AM -0600, henris bga com wrote:

> Well I successfully set up /home as ext3 on the rc1 box, now
> the question is.... do I need to create a journal.dat on
> each partition or can that one be used for all partitions
> by specifying the inode <eg: journal=12>

Currently you need a separate journal on each and every ext3
filesystem.  Support for shared journals will come, but that adds a
lot of complexity (eg. what happens if not all of the filesystems are
available when you come to do recovery after a crash?), so it's not at
the top of the todo list right now.

> Is it ok that the journal.dat resides in /home or can it
> be put anywhere, sort of like a swap file being external?

Unshared external journal files should be supported quite soon, but
for now they need to be on the owning filesystem.


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