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On Mon, 30 Oct 2000, Jeremy Katz wrote:

> On Monday, October 30 2000, Sam Varshavchik said:
> > I have two sacrificial lambs -- one is an SMP box, the other one's a
> > laptop, but I don't see kernel-smp or kernel-pcmcia-cs packages.
> > 
> > So, can I use the ext3 patch on an SMP box or a laptop?
> For the SMP box, you should be able to use the enterprise kernel from
> ftp.beta, as the enterprise kernel is configured with SMP support.  For
> the laptop, the i686 rpm I built this afternoon is up at
> http://katz.linuxpower.org/rpms/kernel-2.2.17-5.i686.rpm.  It "works for

What about i586?  It slipped my mind that my laptop runs a Pentium-200.

> me", but I haven't tested it that hard yet.  The kernel-pcmcia-cs
> package from 7.0 itself works fine for me

Before I waste my time downloading and hacking the source RPM: does the
source RPM build i586 and pcmcia-cs subpackages?  It might be easier for
me to simply rebuild from the source RPM.


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