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Ext3 for Linux 2.4 progress report

Hi Andreas, Stephen, 

We have a lot working now: 

1. journal recovery and initialization stuff is working
2. transactions go to the disk
3. infrastructure is there to do transcactions
4. ext3_create is fully operational. 

The problems we have seen mostly have to do with differences in which
buffer heads are being initialized.  Things like b_transaction etc. were
not cleaned up.

There are more buffer head problems around, but we are debugging them
quickly now.

You can play with this, make a loop device, mount it and to things like
touch (NOTE: only file creations have been handled so far).  If you
re-mount a dirty ext3 image, it will recovery.  The first few always
work, but at present things go wrong when bdflush kicks in.

We left a patch at: 


In the patch there are markers of the form @@@ with your names, asking for

- Peter -

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