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Re: EXT3-fs error..bad entry in directory

Thanks Ian.

Later that day the filesystem unsable - e2fsck attached all the files in
lost+found. The raid array was having serious issues.

Restored from tape to a big ide drive until we sort out the scsi problems.

Thanks for your input.

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Ian! D. Allen [NCFreeNet] wrote:

> >We have a RH71 machine running 2.4.16 kernel with e2fsprogs 1.25.
> >I noticed many of these errors in our logs.
> >
> >EXT3-fs error (device sd(8,1)): ext3_readdir: bad entry in directory
> >#884828: directory entry across blocks - offset=0, inode=404600689,
> >rec_len=23080, name_len=59
> I've seen this kind of corruption on ext2 as well.
> We run a 2.2.19 kernel with 3Ware Escalade RAID cards (running RAID 10),
> no ext3 (just plain ext2) and get exactly this kind of corruption.
> Our sda file systems get outrageous inode numbers for the errors.  When I
> decode the numbers and look at them as ASCII, I often see parts of words.
> Something is amiss with the SCSI disk code, I think.  I don't think
> it's an ext3 problem.
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