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Re: how to force ext2 root fs type at boot?

On Dec 13, 2001  14:00 -0000, Robin Sinclair wrote:
> How can I tell a redhat 2.4.x  kernel (via grub or LILO command-line
> parameters) that the root filesystem is ext2 and not ext3 ?
> I thought it would just look in /etc/fstab, but presumably it needs to know
> what fstype the  root is before mounting it; the words 'chicken' and egg'
> spring to mind.

The kernel should automatically detect the fs type from the available fses.
It ignores the /etc/fstab entry for /.

> Or does some initrd jggerypokery go on?

Always possible.

> My problem is the following:
> After upgrading from RH 7.2 (kernel 2.4.7-10 with ext3 root fs  ) to a
> vanilla (non-RH) 2.4.10 kernel (no ext3 support), the system wouldn't boot
> since the new kernel had no ext3 support.

Should only happen if you didn't cleanly shut down the system before starting
the new kernel.  If "wouldn't boot" really means "can't mount other filesystems"
then try putting "auto" in /etc/fstab, and make sure you have a new enough
mount program to handle this.

Also, 2.4.10 is a terrible kernel to run if you are using ext3, stay away.

> I had to do a 'tune2fs -O ^has_journal ' and edit fstab , in order to get it
> to boot. (is this enough to convert back to ext2 ?)

Yes, if you have a new enough e2fsprogs, this is enough.  Otherwise, you also
need to run e2fsck -f on the device.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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