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Re: Visible /.journal

On Thu, Dec 27, 2001 at 09:13:03PM +0100, Du?ko Rusmir wrote:
> On root Partition is .journal visible . On all other 
> Partitions is invisible. At which way I can move it manually to a 
> hiden inode?

Well, if you don't mind being a guinea pig, and don't mind downloading
a source tarball and compiling it, the easist/simplist way to do this
is to do this is to install the latest WIP development snapshot of
e2fsprogs (1.26-WIP-24-Dec-2001), which can be found at:


Then reboot; as part of the boot-time e2fsck check, the .journal file
will be automatically moved to a hidden inode.  This will work even if
the system is cleanly shutdown --- moving the .journal file happens
*after* the journal file is replayed (if necessary), and *before* the
e2fsck checks to see if the filesystem is clean.

The idea is that with the 1.26 release (which should happen soon, once
I'm convinced that the 1.26-WIP release is BugFree(tm)), visible
.journal file will automatically get moved to be a hidden inode, to
avoid problems with clueless system adminsitrators attempting to
remove the file while the filesystem is mounted as ext3 (and not using
the tune2fs program), clueless backup programs attempting to back up
the .journal file, etc.

						- Ted

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