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how to convert ext3 to ext2


I am using RH 7.2 Enigma and with ext3 filesystem. Before installing RH Linux, I used Partition Magic 7 in Windows to prepare partition ext2 for Linux which was then converted to ext3 when installing RH 7.2. Now that I want to expand the space for the Linux partition, I find out that PM 7 does not support and recognize ext3 filesystem. My questions then are:
1. How do I convert ext3 to ext2 safely to be able to use PM 7 and expand the size of the Linux partition?
2. Is there any tool in Linux similar to PM in Windows that I can use to resize a Linux partition using free spaces in other partitions? I heard something called 'parted'? In this case, if I can find that tool it will be fantastic because I don't have to go back to Windows anymore just to do this task.



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