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Re: how to convert ext3 to ext2

#include <hallo.h>
Alimin Bijosono Oei wrote on Sun Dec 30, 2001 um 01:20:55AM:

> I want to expand the space for the Linux partition, I find out that PM 7 
> does not support and recognize ext3 filesystem. My questions then are:
> 1. How do I convert ext3 to ext2 safely to be able to use PM 7 and 
> expand the size of the Linux partition?

tune2fs -O^has_journal

> 2. Is there any tool in Linux similar to PM in Windows that I can use to 
> resize a Linux partition using free spaces in other partitions? I heard 
> something called 'parted'? In this case, if I can find that tool it will 

You can find it in a good up-to-date distribution (ie. Debian Woody). Or
visit ftp.gnu.org/pub/software/parted/. There are also Bootdisks which
you can use to change the rootfs. But care, Windows 9x (and only win-9x)
has sometimes strange problems reading a filesystem modified with parted.

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