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Re: Corrupted Files

Hi Stephen,

I can provide you with the following details, if you need more
informations pls. tell me how I can obtain the information:
- currently I'm using version 0.0.5d
- e2fsck did't complain anything
- I've been working with 0.0.3 since June last year with this partition
   and I upgraded from 0.0.3b to 0.0.5d
   I'm working now since 22nd of December with 0.0.5d
- I fsck'd the partition before the upgrade - like mentioned in one
   eMail of the list I think
- I try to find out more about the corruption



Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> Hi,
> On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 10:00:09PM +0100, Joachim Kunze wrote:
>> recently I recognized, that some of the files of my laptop (mostly binary-files,
>> StarCalc, PDF, ...) are corrupted. The files couldn't be viewed
>> or opened (with SO) anymore. The files from older backups, before
>> I used ext3-0.0.5 in ordered mode work still pretty well. I had
>> no fatal crash or something simillar between these dates (OK, I had
>> two times a powerloss of my laptop), but nothing unusual.
> Any more details? Which version of ext3? What does e2fsck show: is there
> anything wrong that it can detect? What does the corruption look
> like? How long had it been at which versions? Did you fsck before
> upgrading to 0.0.5? This isn't much to go on, but I'll do what I
> can...
> Cheers, Stephen
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