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Re: root fs type in fstab

On Wed, Jan 17, 2001 at 09:01:29PM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> If you use e2fsprogs-1.20.WIP-0103 (from sourceforge),

Do you suggest 103 or 117 which is there also.

> I believe that
> tune2fs will let you create a journal on root while it is still mounted.

Cool!  I writes the inode of the journal into the superblock as well?

> I'm not 100% sure if this is in 0103, or it was added afterwards, as
> I have done a lot of changes since then.

Perhaps 117 is the better one to use then.

> I'm not sure why you would not change /etc/fstab, given that you want to
> add a journal to the root filesystem.

Only because of the problem outlined below.

> > /: recovering journal
> > JFS DEBUG: (recovery.c, 254): journal_recover: JFS: recovery, exit status 0, recovered transactions 1 to 4
> > JFS DEBUG: (recovery.c, 256): journal_recover: JFS: Replayed 16 and revoked 0/0 blockes
> > Warning... fsck.ext3 for device /dev/hda5 exited with singal 11.
> > fsck.ext3: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to re-open /
> This is rather strange... I have never seen something like that.  It looks
> like the journal replay somehow overwrote the superblock?

Your guess would be even better than mine.  :-)

> Seeing signal 11
> (SEGV) is a bad sign.

Indeed.  Just what I thought.  :-)

> If you can reproduce this,

Oh I can.  Every single time I rebuild the test machine with kickstart.

> it would be worthwhile to
> install a non-stripped e2fsck and run under gdb to see where this is
> happening.

OK.  No point in doing this with anything less than 103 or 117 though
right?  Perhaps it's a bug that has been fixed since?  Or are you
interested regardless?

> Use the new tune2fs.  Stephen at one point wanted to make a new e2fsprogs
> RPM, but we are waiting for Ted to make a new e2fsprogs release with the
> latest fixes.  Soon hopefully.

Cool.  I will probably make another "WIP" RPM with either of 103 or 117,
whichever you suggest using, as that's how I install onto my test machine
with kickstart.

Thanx for the info Andreas.


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