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Re: root fs type in fstab

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 05:03:46PM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Eeek.  Maybe we should check for the existence of /proc/mounts and
> /proc/swaps and check those before trying /etc/mtab.

I think that would be a good idea.  Checking something the kernel maintains
rather than something maintained in userspace just seems more reliable to

> If you are
> doing a full install, simply use "mke2fs -j" in the first place(*).

Unfortunately, I don't have control over this.  Redhat's kickstart/
anaconda (the installer) does this for me.

> Yes, if that issue is still in 0.0.5e (it may have been fixed by the
> proper initialization of the journal superblock).

I will see about getting upgraded to 0.0.5e.

> However, if there is a possibility of segfaulting in e2fsck, it should
> also be tracked down,

Of course, you are right.

> Having a
> 100% reproducable problem makes it easier to find.

That I have.  :-)

> Yes, this should already be documented in the mke2fs man pages as well.
> The tune2fs options are really only for changing existing ext2 filesystems
> to ext3.


> (*) I have already done so, and they will likely be in the Turbolinux
>     package, but Ted didn't like the idea.

How come?  It's only natural the way the "mkfs" frontend works that if there
is going to be a filesystem type of "ext3" that there be a mkfs.ext3, no?
Does disagree that "ext3" should even be a distinct filesytem?

> I can send you the mke3fs
>     patch if you want.

Sure!  That would be great.


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