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Re: 0.0.3d-e: JFS: Unrecognised features on journal

On Wed, Jan 24, 2001 at 10:54:11AM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> Brian Murrell writes:
> I presume you mean ext3-0.0.5e?

Indeed.  ~grin~

> This is expected, given the problems that you previously had.  It was
> a bug in the older ext3 code that is now detected by the new code.

I thought it was that that I was bumping into again.

> I think you can fix it by using these options when you first mount the fs:
>      noload,journal=<inum>


> where <inum> is the inode number of the existing journal, as told by dumpe2fs.

Or ls -i /.journal.dat if created manually (i.e. not with tune2fs).  :-)

> What this does is tell the kernel not to use the existing journal, and then
> by supplying a "new" journal inode number it creates a new journal there.
> For root, you need to specify "rootflags=noload,journal=<inum>" at the LILO
> prompt.

That worked like a charm.

> I just checked, and journal_create() zeroes all of the journal blocks, so
> this will fix the "Unrecognised features on journal" error.  The problem
> was that the old "update journal to v2" code didn't clear the feature
> flags, so random junk was there for "features".  This has been fixed.

Thanks for the explanation Andreas.  As always, you have been a big


Brian J. Murrell

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