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Re: Possible funny with /sbin/fsck

"Stephen C. Tweedie" writes:

| Now, create a journal file.  I don't know how big it should be yet: the
| rules of thumb have yet to be established!  However, try (say) 2MB for a
| small filesystem on a 486; maybe up to 30MB on a big 18G 10krpm Cheetah.

Doh!  I misread your rule of thumb :-) Good thing these machines have
1GB of RAM, he said...

| What sort of "crash"?  It sounds as if you ended up doing several
| hundred MB of simultaneous journal replay because of the huge journal
| sizes, and the system got bogged down into seeking all over the place.

I'll not be in a position to test until late Sunday or early Monday,
but will have a go at reducing the journal size and let you know what

Was wondering what the largest filesystems were that people had been
experimenting with so far.  I think we just got a couple of servers
with 12 * 18GB disks, so could probably try 216GB if that would be



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