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Is ext3 kernel nfsd friendly?

This is prompted by two issues: Neil Brown on the
NFS list asking for file systems that users 
want to export via NFS and the problems that
the other journaling filesystem reiserfs has with

As far as I understand reiserfs does not work with
knfsd so a patch is needed for the fs driver
to provide a callback to knfsd to allow the
fs driver to do some clever tricks with inodes. Neil's
patch also modifies ext2 so that it provides this callback
thingy (<---this is my very limited understanding of the
situation). Since we hope that ext3 will be available for
2.4 in the future (:-)) and of course having the desire
to export it I was just wondering whether ext3 has all
the "magic" necessary to play nicely with knfsd. Or does
the fact that ext3 depends on the ext2 code mean that
it will automagically do the right thing by knfsd?

Cheers and thanks for any enlightenment.


Chan Shih-Ping (Richard) <cshihpin dso org sg>
DSO National Laboratories
20 Science Park Drive
Singapore 118230

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