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Re: ext3 patch for 2.4.6 (plain or ac1)

Mike Black wrote:
> When you say "looking good" do you mean bug-free?
> When I was testing the latest it barfed on my system while doing a raid1
> resync and fsck at the same time (previous emails described the problems).
> I can test it again if you think it's supposed to be better able to handle
> the boundary memory conditions.

We never got to the bottom of that (I think).  It wasn't clear
whether it was a hardware problem or not.

But yes, 0.0.8 will do bad things if the system seriously
runs out of memory.  The current development tree works
around out-of-memory problems in a brute-force manner (ie: 
it simply retries) and that appears to work very much better.

We still have problems with memory shortage in data=journal
when doing nutty things to machines with 64 megs of memory;
I'd recommend you stick with the default mode, data=ordered.

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