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Re: ext3 patch for 2.4.6 (plain or ac1)

Greg Louis wrote:
> ...
> I patched 2.4.6 from CVS this morning and FWIW the four machines I've
> booted with it have been running fine so far.

"This morning" is a relative term :)  If it was more than
three hours ago then upgrade, quick.  There was a bug which
will cause your symlinks to have zero length targets.
If line 1028 of fs/ext3/namei.c says:

                if (!new_inode->i_nlink)
                        ext3_orphan_add(handle, new_inode);

then you're fine.

>  No Russian roulette has
> been played with power cords yet, though ;-)


Actually, I rarely test ext3 that way.  The patch has a
little hack to the IDE driver which causes it to silently
cease honouring write requests at a predetermined time.
As far as I can tell (and if the IDE manufacturers are
to be believed), this perfectly simulates a crash.  But
you don't have to reboot, and it is scriptable.

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