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A few quick questions regarding the journal.

I've  just  recently noticed that the ext3 projects is being actiavely
maintained  (again?). And looking at the new pages for 2.4.x it really
made  me  interested.  But  I've got a few small questions I'd like to
clarify before I start to use it.

1)  Tune2fs  and  mke2fs  talk  about a "default journal size" that is
depending  on  the  partition  size but don't give any example.
How big would the default journal be on a 20gb partition?

2)  Is it possible to remove the journal again? I'm aware that you can
use  an  ext3  partition  with  an  ext2 kernel and have it completely
ignore  the journal but I'm wondering if I could completely get rid of
the journal again if I don't like ext3? (without reformatting ;))
(The  reason  for me asking is that the partition is usually kinda low
on space and say a 32/64mb log would waste valuable space)

>From  what  I've  read  the  the mailinglist archives tune2fs seems to
create  a  filename  for  the  journal if used on a mounted partition.
Would removing this file _cleanly_ remove the journal and make it ext2
again? (doing that mounted as ext2 of course)

Those  are  the  questions  that  are  on  my  mind  right  now.  Any
clarification appreciated. :)

 ( o>
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