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Re: fsck journal replay times (was Re: Is this list active?)

On Thursday 12 July 2001 03:43 am, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> > It had suffered
> > from a hard power outage.  All my filesystems are ext3, including
> > /.  I couldn't mount the filesystem normally because ext3 couldn't
> > find the journal
> Could you please explain this in more detail?  The loss of a journal
> is pretty serious!  What did you try, and what error exactly was
> returned?  The only things I can think of are that either you've
> manually deleted the ".journal" journal file, or the old fsck has
> been confused by the unrecognised journal inode and has deleted it
> for you.

No, can't explain it any further.  :(    It looks like this problem was 
entirely due to some negligence on my part.

I had built e2fsck 1.22 from a tarball and installed it, then at a 
later date did a wildcard rpm upgrade on some files and failed to note 
that e2fsprogs was one of them.

It looks just like I suffered a hard power out, and at reboot the older 
e2fsck dumped the journal file on me.  I have since brought my 
e2fsprogs up to date again.

Since things are all working very well again, I don't feel much like 
trying to recreate this situation, but will take better notes if it 
should ever happen again.

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