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Re: e2fsprogs & endian questions

On Sat, Jul 28, 2001 at 07:33:47PM -0700, Tom Rini wrote:
> Anyhow, I've got two questions.  First, the website says that the 'latest'
> e2fsprogs are needed.  Does this mean 1.23-WIP is needed or will 1.22 do?
> I'm assuming it's just a generally good idea.  Second, has anyone tested
> this on a BE machine?  I'd like to use this on my PPC.  I don't mind testing
> things out, but it's always nice to know what's coming up.  Thanks.

E2fsprogs 1.22 should be fine for most things.  You only need 1.23-WIP
if you want to play with bleeding-edge stuff such as external journal
support (which also requires using CVS versions of ext3-2.4, so that
should be no surprise).

As far as big endian machines, it *should* work, since all of the
appropriate fields use the appropriate byte-swapping macros --- and
the information in journal is stored in network byte order
(i.e. big-endian).  I don't know of anyone who's actually tested it,
though, I'd be surprised if you found problems.

						- Ted

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