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Re: Max Mount Count

"Heinz J. Mauelshagen" wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> in regard to your question "What the heck is LVM trying to do?" at the end
> of your mail:
> LVM only invalidates the buffers
>  - of a logical volume in case it *removes* it
>    *or*
>  - of a physical volume in order to make sure that reads physically
>    come from disk afterwards.
> In case it creates a snapshot logical volume it syncs the buffers of the
> original logical volume and calls the fsync_dev_lockfs() function
> (in case LVM_VFS_ENHANCEMENT has been defined) in order to set
> the filesystem to a sane state and lock it. The (journaled) filesystem should
> make sure in this call, that after a return form it and a call to unlockfs()
> from within the LVM driver *no* writes get queued to the snapshot, because
> snapshots are readonly so far.

Thanks, Heinz.

Offtopic for this list, but I note that when I set up an IDE
partition as type 0x8e and run

pvcreate /dev/hde7
vgcreate test /dev/hde7

I see "lvm -- lvm_chr_ioctl: unknown command 4004fe0a" in
the logs. lvm_0.9.1_beta7.tar.gz, kernel 2.4.5.

Saw the same thing when running `vgchange -a y' after a reboot.

ext3 seems to interoperate happily with LVM now.  I haven't
tested striping and snapshots yet - I'm hoping Andreas will :)


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