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Re: removing visible journal.dat


On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 11:17:39AM -0400, Douglas J. Hunley wrote:

> I created all my ext3 partitions a while back, so the journal.dat file is 
> visable. I'd like to remove them and use the new tune2fs functionality.
> Can I just mount the drives as ext2, rm journal.dat, tune2fs -j /dev/hd?? and 
> then remount as ext3? Or am I missing something?

The easiest way is to clear the HAS_JOURNAL flag on the filesystem
with debugfs.  Once you do that, e2fsck will detect that the journal
record is inconsistent and will fix everything up for you.  tune2fs is
then able to make you a journal.  

However, tune2fs will still create a journal file if the filesystem is
mounted, so if this is the root filesystem you are talking about, you
will still end up with "/.journal" present.  tune2fs can only create a
completely hidden inode if the filesystem is unmounted at the time.


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