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ext3 success report

[I am not subscribed to ext3-users, so please CC: me in any replies.]

I just wanted to send a success report to the list, and describe
what I did for the sake of others.

First off, my system: I run Debian unstable, with 5 ext2 partitions
(/, /var, /usr, /home, /usr/local) along with Windows partitions
on my Western Digital 40gb hard drive. I also use the latest 2.4.x
kernel. I used the CVS ext3 source from Jeff Garzik's repository 
<http://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=3242> and patched up my
2.4.5 kernel source. I had e2fsprogs 1.21 installed, and ran into
the bad file descriptor bug when I tried to create the journal
on an already mounted filesystem; then I checked this mailing list's
archive and found the problem, and ran apt-get and found that 1.22
had been uploaded yesterday. After upgrading, tune2fs worked just
fine. I haven't hit any mount problems; but I have not tried to
use a non-ext3 kernel yet either. util-linux 2.11f has not made it
into unstable yet, but that is not a significant problem as long
as I do not try to switch kernels.

So, hats off to the ext3 developers for all their hard work :)

James Curbo - Undergraduate Computer Science, Henderson State University
<jcurbo acm org>                      GNU Privacy Guard 1024D/0x3EEA7288
<jc108788 cyprus hsu edu>                  7BCF CA34 A5C5 4C74 A603 
<http://csc.hsu.edu/~curboj>               CC1E 1473 B4AE 3EEA 7288

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