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Re: Ext3 step by step installation procedure

Bostjan Chargo wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm using i868 (Pentium III) machine running Windows 2000 and running Linux,
> installed on dedicated partition, in parallel via VMWare. Linux config is
> RedHat 7.0 (kernel )
> As I'm pretty new to Linux, I'd like to know exact procedure how to install
> ext3 filesystem support (also which packages do I need). My kernel config is
> as follows:
> kernel-headers-2.2.14-5.0
> kernel-2.2.14-5.0
> kernel-pcmcia-cs-2.2.14-5.0
> kernel-utils-2.2.14-5.0
> kernelcfg-0.5-5


unfortunately Stephen haven't provided an ext3-ready kernel RPM yet, but
maybe some other guys have one ready to install for you.

You can also have a look at the little FAQ that I wrote, which you can
find at http://innominate.org/~juri/ext3-faq.html . There are the basic
steps to build your own kernel described (but I still haven't finished
the part on creating the journal :-(
In short:
get the (patched) e2fsprogs-RPMs from
ftp://innominate.org/pub/juri/RH-7.0/ (or
http://innominate.org/~juri/ftp/ ) and install them, then after you
installed the new kernel and rebooted, create a journal on each of the
filesystem you want to run with ext3: journal -j /dev/hdaX.


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