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Re: Ext3 step by step installation procedure

On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 12:47:18AM +0100, Juri Haberland wrote:
> A as I wrote in my previous mail:
> > It's the sct-20010216 version plus the tune2fs fix from Andreas Dilger.
> So, no need for -J <size> anymore ...

Whoa!  Looks like we have a bad RPM out there:

# rpm -q e2fsprogs

# tune2fs -j /dev/hda6
tune2fs 1.20-WIP, 17-Jan-2001 for EXT2 FS 0.5b, 95/08/09
Usage: tune2fs [-c max-mounts-count] [-e errors-behavior] [-g group]
        [-i interval[d|m|w]] [-j] [-J journal-options]
        [-l] [-s sparse-flag] [-m reserved-blocks-percent]
        [-r reserved-blocks-count] [-u user] [-C mount-count]
        [-L volume-label] [-M last-mounted-dir] [-U UUID]
        [-O [^]feature[,...]] device

Notice the date on that command: 17-Jan-2001 and the "for EXT2" tag:
0.5b!  I got this RPM from 


Just for further verification:

# rpm -qi e2fsprogs
Name: e2fsprogs                    Relocations: (not relocateable)
Version: 1.20.WIP.sct                      Vendor: (none)
Release: 20010216                      Build Date: Fri 16 Feb 2001 05:42:59 AM PST
Install date: Tue 06 Mar 2001 02:49:19 PM PST      Build Host: spock.scot.redhat.com
Group: System Environment/Base       Source RPM: e2fsprogs-1.20.WIP.sct-20010216.src.rpm
Size: 1876040                          License: GPL
Summary: Utilities for managing the second extended (ext2) filesystem.

# md5sum `which tune2fs`
d630d2ad2ea4a2e9b163d09e9c9e3921  /sbin/tune2fs

# rpm -q --dump e2fsprogs | grep tune2fs
/sbin/tune2fs 16148 982330974 d630d2ad2ea4a2e9b163d09e9c9e3921 0100755 root root 0 0 0 X


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