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RE: RH 6.2 + VA Linux Enhancements (includes ext3 0.5b) Problem


I believe you are correct in your assessment of 2 separate attempts.  I
originally had the disk using an ext3 file system with a different version
(VA 7.0.1 developers edition).  Chances are this put something in the super
block that VA 6.2.3's ext3 doesn't like.  I take it that making a new ext2
fs will clear this up and let me get on my merry way.


I'm actually using 6.2.3.  Now I'm not sure how to determine the version
number of ext3 so if you tell me where I might find it I can tell you.  Do
you recommend my using 6.2.4 or did you just think 6.2.4 was the only VA
distribution with ext3 in it?  Also, regarding your patch for ext3, I take
it the kernel you're referring to is the one that comes with VA 6.2.4?  Or
is it another VA version?  I am very interested in pursuing this after I try
the idea I express above.  I'd love to use the "mainstream" ext3 stuff
instead of some older one.  Perhaps VA will begin integrating modern ext3
code into their if that wasn't done already in VA 6.2.4. :)

Daniel J. Levine
Data Reduction Section Supervisor
Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory

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On Wed, Mar 07, 2001 at 01:42:03PM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> >
> > Unfortunately, step 5 produces and error I am unable to deal with:
> >
> > JFS: no valid journal superblock found
> > EXT3-fs: error loading journal
> > EXT3-fs: get root I-node failed
> >
> > Any chance anyone knows what's wrong here?
> Known bug with how the kernel initializes the journal features.

No, that bug would produce a complaint about incompatible features,
and I think the bug was only in 0.0.5d (maybe 5c too).  This looks as
if there have been two separate attempts to create a journal.

> fixed in later releases of ext3 (not sure exactly when).  You _could_
> use the new e2fsprogs to create your journal for you (which would fix
> _this_ problem), which would only involve "tune2fs -j /dev/hdx".


> However, 0.0.5b is a bit old and other problems have been fixed since



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