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Re: Ext3 step by step installation procedure

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 12:00:15PM +0000, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> Yes.  If you run it on a mounted filesystem, it creates a
> "/.journal.dat" file using the normal open/write/close calls, then
> pokes manually at the superblock to set the inode number.  If you do
> it on an unmounted device, it creates a hidden journal inode by
> modifying the device directly using the e2fsprogs ext2 fs libraries.

Can one get rid of journal filename if ext3 was created with "dd" method (or
tune2fs on mounted filesystem) ? I assume I can't just rm the journal.dat
(probaby marking all those blocks free and leading to massive filesystem

I think I could umount filesystem, use debugfs to clear all flags relating
to journal, and then run "tune2fs -j" to create it again using new method
(and use hidden inode without filename). Is this true?

Is there an easier way (perhaps without the need to umount the partition
with all unpleasant side-effects like needing to terminate all processes
using it etc.) ?

I just hate when backup system keeps backing up the journal (and I'd like to
avoid messing with already too_complex_for_mere_humans_to_understand regexps
that backup system is using).

I do not hate it that much to umount that partition right now, though :-)

Opinions above are GNU-copylefted.

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