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Re: linux-2.2.19pre14.ext3.diff


On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 12:48:09PM +0100, Christian Lademann wrote:
> I think that work could be much easier, if all patches were against the same
> vanilla-kernel (2.2.18 or 2.4.2) so conflicts could be resolved more easily.
> Could you please consider to additionally release your ext3-patch for such
> a "common ground"?

2.2.18 has significant VM problems which make it unsuitable as a base.
2.2.19pre3 or later is enormously preferred.  2.4 patches will be
available in the future, but are not ready yet.

> PS: what's this line good for:
> 	@@ -871,9 +885,12 @@
> 	        if(buf->b_dev == B_FREE) {
>         	        printk("Attempt to refile free buffer\n");
> 	++              *((char *) 0) = 0;
> 	^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

It causes a kernel OOPS in response to a detected bug condition,
forcing the kernel to generate a stack backtrace on the syslog telling
us where the problem was detected.  2.4 kernels have a generic BUG()
macro which achieves the same end.


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