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Hi Stephen.

First of all thank you for ext3. It does a good job on some of my machines
(about 5) that I use to do my daily work.

The problems I have with ext3 are more of a "patch-managing" kind:
Trying to keep things consistent when building a custom kernel with some
patches installed can be a hard and annoying job. This, of course, is not
a sole ext3-problem, but the work get more difficult, the more patches and
dependencies are involved.

For the recent ext3-patch this means a pre-2.2.19- and the kbd-patch. Now
try to get this together with devfs and/or gfs and you're in a nightmare
of putting together code for different kernel-releases, etc.

I think that work could be much easier, if all patches were against the same
vanilla-kernel (2.2.18 or 2.4.2) so conflicts could be resolved more easily.

Could you please consider to additionally release your ext3-patch for such
a "common ground"?

Thank you,

Christian Lademann

PS: what's this line good for:
	@@ -871,9 +885,12 @@

	        if(buf->b_dev == B_FREE) {
        	        printk("Attempt to refile free buffer\n");
	++              *((char *) 0) = 0;

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