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Re: converting /usr partition

vieri sacchi linuxexperts it said:
>  I just started testing ext3 and perhaps I missed some docs explaining
> how to convert system partition other than /, like /usr for example .
> As I have 2 Linux versions on my test machine, I managed to convert /
> usr by entering the
>     mount -o journal=NNN

> command from the second OS, but I don't like it. Any suggestions or
> docs to look at? 

Yeah - thats just *so* last year :-)

Get the latest e2fsprogs - such as sct's 1.20-WIP 20010216, and do
	/sbin/tune2fs -j /dev/hdaN

where /dev/hdaN is the device for the fs you are trashing.

[Actually sct's e2fsprogs release might complain about that command 
line - think it needs a one line fix or for the journal size to be 
specified with -J - here's Andreas' quote on it:- ]
adilger turbolinux com said:
> Yes, I think I made a patch for that one.  All that is missing is an
> "open_flag = EXT2_FLAG_RW;" for the -j option (line 450).  I'm hoping
> Ted will release a new WIP so that I can sync up my changes with him -
> I sent in a bunch of patches around Christmas (as did Stephen over the
> last few weeks), but now I'm not sure which ones he saw/used and which
> ones he missed/discarded. 

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