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Re: Extended Attributes and Access Control Lists


I'd like to just add my 2 cts worth to this:

 - sharing ACL's: for distributed file systems this is actually really
 useful since it means that a server could compute capabilities for a
 client based on the ACL id rather than doing it again and again which
 leads to efficient distributed authorization.

 - if you are building an inode v2 I have two wishes: store i_version
 on the disk and store the parent ino on the disk for
 directories. Both can considerably simplify file servers like knfsd

 - I am working with folks that will likely want to have EA's bigger
 than a block to store versioning information.  We have discussed
 implementing such EA's by building a directory (or directory tree ala
 squid) with lots of files each of which represents the EA for the
 inode given by the filename.

- Peter -

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