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RE: Software RAID and ext3 problem

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>From: ext3-users-admin redhat com [mailto:ext3-users-admin redhat com]On
>Behalf Of Stephen C. Tweedie
>Sent: 14 November 2001 18:11
>Hmm.  When you are forced to fsck, do all the directories look OK?

I can't say that I paid close attention to the fsck. The fsck detects
'unexpected inconsistencies' and demands running by hand. When this is done
it does find quite a few errors - which are all prompted for correction.

Following the fsck the directories look OK, as far as I can tell. The only
time it found errors that had to be moved to 'lost+found' it was some small
news article files, not whole directories.

This is a repeatable occurance.... and I can switch back to ext3 and see
what happens. If you tell me what to look for then I can report back and
give you more details. It is a bit unfortunate that the fs that gets set to
ro is the /var fs - the place where the logs are - so we possibly don't see
all the errors. My machine is headless with the console on the serial port
but I could set up my laptop to log the serial port... would this help?

If there is anything else I can log or set debug on, then let me know.

Many thanks for your help and time so far,


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