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e2fsprogs 1.23 problem handling 2.2 version 1 format journals

Just fired up a test machine on its first 2.4 kernel - specifically
2.4.9-ac16 (includes ext3 0.9.6).  Had also upgraded e2fs tool set to

This box has previously had 2.2 kernels with Stephen's ext3 patches, and
looks like it was last rebuilt from scratch in early March.   I suspect
it may have an old version 1 format journal on the filesystems.
[Unfortunately I managed to destroy the journals in the process - since
I had to remove and recreate them to get the machine usable]

On attempted fsck of the filesystems, I get the error
  External journal has multiple filesystem users (unsupported)

This error was thrown for all filesystems (which would all have had the
journals created at the same time).  All filesystems had previously been
cleanly unmounted.

This happens when I downgrade the kernel (but not e2fsprogs) so I guess
its the userspace journal handling of e2fsprogs

I see that Ted has produced more versions... I will update.  I'll also
add to my todo list (unless someone gives me an excuse) a task to
rebuild the kit off my Q1 build CDs and then check what happens with
different e2fsprogs versions.

BTW what does the 2.4 code do with V1 journals?


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