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Re: root filesystem as ext3

Moin Thomas!
Thomas Heinemann schrieb am Freitag, den 05. Oktober 2001:

> I've turned my root filesystem to ext3 and also changed the filesystem
> type in /etc/fstab. I initiated a powerfailure and watched booting. But
> the kernel mounted root filesystem first read only as ext2 and does than
> a fsck for ext2. The over partition, /boot and /vol1 (also ext3), are
> handled as ext3. After booting all partitions, also /, were mounted as
> ext3. But why root is checked as ext2?

First check what /proc/mounts says. "mount" commands reads /etc/fstab
file, which is not updated in the right time, so it may show wrong info
on the root fs. If it is really ext2, make sure you compiled ext3
support into the kernel and not as module.

I have another question: how could I force the rootfs-type? I cannot
pass the usuall mount option to the kernel (except of rw/ro), so how
could I specify the rootfs manually? Sometimes I wish to switch back to
ext2 without installing another kernel.

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