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Re: Assert in jbd-kernel.c


On Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 03:15:45PM -0700, Steve R. Hastings wrote:
> Hello.  I have installed the ext3 file system on a test system, and 
> sometimes I have a problem: I get an assert from within jbd-kernel.c, 
> and whatever prgram was writing to the disk when this happens is unable 
> to continue.
> The system is a server I built, which I named "dax".  It is running 
> Debian unstable, and I updated it to all the latest packages in Debian 
> unstable as of today.  It is running a Linux 2.4.10 kernel.  On the 
> Linux Weekly News page I saw someone offering 2.4.10 sources pre-patched 
> for both ext3 and kernel preemption, so I built from those sources.
> http://lwn.net/2001/0927/a/ext3-preempt.php3
> http://lameter.com/kernel/linux-2.4.10-ext3-preempt.tar.gz

Could you please try to reproduce this with a couple of different
kernels?  First, if you could rebuild with CONFIG_BUFFER_DEBUG and
CONFIG_JBD_DEBUG set and mail me the log if the problem recurs, that
will give me a much better idea of what happened.  Second, you should
also try the current -ac kernel.

I've no idea whether this is a genuine ext3 bug, an interaction with
the huge vm/vfs changes in 2.4.10, or a preempt kernel interaction.
The tests above should help to narrow this down.


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