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Re: ext3 0.9.12 for 2.4.10-ac11

Paul White wrote:
> Andrew,
> Any chance of 0.9.12 for Linus' 2.4.10 tree?

Really, there's no point in working against 2.4.10 - the VM
and block device changes in that kernel were quite immature
and it has numerous problems.  If you're currently using 2.4.10
I'd heartily recommend that you find a way to stop it.

I expect 2.4.11 to be a lot better.

> Also, where can I get information on these ac builds?  We are
> currently heavily based on Linus' tree on PowerPC.  We also
> require EXT3, so it would be really nice to keep up to date
> with both.  Is the -ac kernel close enough to Linus' tree,
> in which I may be able to muck with the -ac patch to work
> on Linus' tree?

Well... The ext3 CVS tree is up-to-date on the Linus side.
We're attempting to keep the fs/jbd and fs/ext3 trees identical.

But if you really must use ext3 on 2.4.10 then I'd suggest you
just use the ext3-0.9.10 patch - the differences between 0.9.10
and 0.9.12 are pretty small.  The problems lie in the core kernel.


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