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Re: ext3 0.9.12 for 2.4.10-ac11


On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 09:07:56AM +0200, Tim Tassonis wrote:

> What a shame! I just migrated to ext3 when the patch for 2.4.10 came out
> and am really pleased with it. Does this mean I can't upgrade to 2.4.11
> until sometimes next week?

We've already answered this more than once on the mailing list.  The
2.4.11 ext3 version is uptodate in ext3's CVS tree if you want to
experiment with it, but 2.4.10 and 2.4.11 changed a huge amount in the
core kernel VFS and caused a few problems with ext3.  Until we're sure
that those are fixed, ext3 is going to be less reliable on Linus's
tree than on the -ac tree and so we'll keep the CVS version available
but will hold off from releasing an official patch.

> Personally I don't understand why there is more
> concentration on the -ac trees

We've already answered this more than once on the mailing list.  The
-ac tree is more reliable right now.  We know for sure that changes in
the linus-tree can cause panics inside ext3.  Until we believe those
are cured, we'll recommend the -ac version of ext3 as the "production"

> since concentrating on the official
> kernel would mean sooner integration of ext3 in the main kernel and much
> less hassle for users.

Personally, I believe that panicing kernels cause more hassle for

> I guess it's a some kind of political thing (Red
> Hat using -ac kernels and ext3 development payed by Red Hat?).

That's just insulting speculation.  We have kept the -ac and Linus-
versions of ext3 both uptodate until now, and in fact until fairly
recently the linus-tree was the primary focus of development.

It's extra effort for Andre and me to maintain both trees (and Andrew
is _not_ paid by Red Hat).  If you're just going to react like this
when Linus destabilises his tree, then you deserve all the kernel
oopses you get.

We will all be better off for the cleanups Linus is applying.
*Eventually*.   Once it has stabilised and once we trust it.  For now
the new VM/VFS code is a big unknown; 2.4.10 broke ext3 in a bad way
(especially the user mode tools), and 2.4.11 is still known to trigger
false-alarm debugging panics in ext3.  

Please, calm down, back off a bit and let us do our job.  Nobody's
abandoning the linus tree, but right now if we want a stable ext3, the
best bet is the -ac tree.  If you want fast-and-loose on the
linus-tree, the code is right there in CVS.


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