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Re: ext3 0.9.12 for 2.4.10-ac11

> > Personally I don't understand why there is more
> > concentration on the -ac trees
> > since concentrating on the official
> > kernel would mean sooner integration of ext3 in the main kernel and
> > less hassle for users.
> Personally, I believe that panicing kernels cause more hassle for
> users!

You are certainly right, but that wasn't the point. The point is your
concentration on the -ac tree, which is not the official tree. If course
it is your decision which kernel to follow primarily, you wrote the code
and I am only a non-contributing user of your stuff. I run 2.4.10 with
ext3 since it came out and did not have one panic.

> > I guess it's a some kind of political thing (Red
> > Hat using -ac kernels and ext3 development payed by Red Hat?).
> That's just insulting speculation.  We have kept the -ac and Linus-
> versions of ext3 both uptodate until now, and in fact until fairly
> recently the linus-tree was the primary focus of development.

Maybe, insulting, but rather obvious, don't you think?

> It's extra effort for Andre and me to maintain both trees (and Andrew
> is _not_ paid by Red Hat).  If you're just going to react like this
> when Linus destabilises his tree, then you deserve all the kernel
> oopses you get.

Well, I don't get any. I guess I wouldn't get any with Alan's tree, since
I don't run VM benchmarks very often, just normal work.

> We will all be better off for the cleanups Linus is applying.
> *Eventually*.   Once it has stabilised and once we trust it.  For now
> the new VM/VFS code is a big unknown; 2.4.10 broke ext3 in a bad way
> (especially the user mode tools), and 2.4.11 is still known to trigger
> false-alarm debugging panics in ext3.  
> Please, calm down, back off a bit and let us do our job.  Nobody's
> abandoning the linus tree, but right now if we want a stable ext3, the
> best bet is the -ac tree.  If you want fast-and-loose on the
> linus-tree, the code is right there in CVS.

I'm gonna try that. I just don't want to switch to -ac kernels, since my
fear is growing there will be a bigger split in the future and switching
will become impossible. I prefer to stick with Linus, because he seems
more independant than Alan. Not necessarily much wiser, I agree.

Thanks anyway for all the work, I didn't mean to insult or harass anyone.


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