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Re: Where can I find rpms for ext2fs tools and mount etc?

On Sat, Oct 13, 2001 at 01:15:44PM +0100, davidmpye talk21 com wrote:
> Hi there..
> I'm another ext3 newbie and I have patched and installed 2.4.12-ac1, and
> compiled from source the above utils.. I saw a link a while back for rpms for
> these, and I was wondering if anybody knew the url...

E2fsprogs comes with a RPM .spec file, so you should just be able to
build your own RPMs for your system.  Unless you're getting RPM's that
are specifically for your specific distribution and distro version, I
don't recommend trying to install RPM binary packages from some other
source; they're more than likely not going to work, or break in some
strange way.  It's much, much easier to compile from source, or to
build your own RPM if the package comes with an RPM .spec file.

As far as mount is concerned, you only need a special version of mount
if you want to use "auto" in /etc/fstab to automatically use ext3 or
ext2 as necessary.  If you don't do that, and explicitly use "ext3" or
"ext2" in your /etc/fstab, theres's no need to get an updated mount.

So if it's too much trouble to find an updated mount, and you do want
to be able to boot kernels that don't have ext3 support, this is an
easy way to do that.  Simply edit /etc/fstab to use "ext3" as the
filesystem type for all filesystems that have a journal, and then copy
/etc/fstab to /etc/fstab.ext3.  Then include the following in your
startup scripts:

if test -f /etc/fstab.ext3 ; then
	if grep -q ext3 /proc/filesystems ; then
	        echo "Using ext3 for user filesystems"
		cp /etc/fstab.ext3 /etc/fstab
	        echo "Using ext2 for user filesystems"
		sed -e 's/ext3/ext2/' < /etc/fstab.ext3 > /etc/fstab

It's a little kludgy, but I was running for a long time with this
patch because it was way easier than hacking mount.  :-)

> Also, the question everybody wants to know I think - Does anybody have any
> idea when the ext3 code will enter the stable kernel tree (not -ac)?
> I am assuming RH might wait for that to happen before they release RH  7.2,
> but I might be wrong.. ;)

Other distributions (including RH) have released kernels with new
features before they hit the mainline kernel sources.  So I wouldn't
think that ext3 entering the mainly stable kernel tree is a
prerequisite for RH; that being said, I don't work for them.  :-)

							- Ted

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