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fsck: i_blocks N, should be N/2

Stephen and gentelemen,

I am running ext3 based system on a notebook, kernel 2.4.12 with ext3
patches from CVS.  I noticed the same behavior on 2.4.10(or was it 11?).

The system works without any apparent problem, but because this is a
notebook which is often shut down and restarted, the maximum mounts
count expires pretty fast.  So, when the thing decided that it's time
to run fsck, I saw a whole lot of messages

   Inode XXX, i_blocks is 16, should be 8.  Fix<y>?

and so on, with different inodes and i_blocks.  But in *all* cases
"should be" value was exactly twice as small as the original.  I did
not notice any problems on the system after fsck completed.

I have installed the most recent mount and ext2fsprogs, as recommended.
I did not specify any non-default parameters when running mke2fs or
tune2fs -j.  There where no unclean shutdowns.  The messages are
numerous; possibly one message for every file on the filesystem.

Looks like a bug somewhere?


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