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Re: fsck: i_blocks N, should be N/2

Eugene Crosser wrote:
> Stephen and gentelemen,
> I am running ext3 based system on a notebook, kernel 2.4.12 with ext3
> patches from CVS.  I noticed the same behavior on 2.4.10(or was it 11?).
> The system works without any apparent problem, but because this is a
> notebook which is often shut down and restarted, the maximum mounts
> count expires pretty fast.  So, when the thing decided that it's time
> to run fsck, I saw a whole lot of messages
>    Inode XXX, i_blocks is 16, should be 8.  Fix<y>?

In 2.4.12, Linus' kernel gained the new quota code, and the
i_blocks accounting is all tied up into that. It's possible that
something went wrong and we're double-accounting.  I'll check.

But I'm rather surprised that it happened on 2.4.10 as well.  Are
you sure the merge/patch went OK?

Could you please run:

	cd /usr/src/linux/fs/ext3
	grep i_blocks *.c

The resulting output should NOT have any code which performs
additions to or subtractions from inode->i_blocks.


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