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Well, it took me about 2 weeks to find a kernel version stable enough to
run LVM/EXT3/Promise FastTrack100.  That was 2.4.10-ac11.  The last
thing I want to do is start to try new kernels and such.  I had such
problems previously.

Anyway, to hell with it.  The data is lost and there isn't anything I
can do about it.

3 questions:

1) Why did a forced fsck come up so errornous when a normal fsck said
the filesystem was clean?!
2) How do I get rid of all the crap that's in the lost+found directory?
I get permission denied errors and the sort trying to delete as root.
Go figure.
3) Is there any way to throttle writes to an LVM, or an EXT3 partition?
I think that's what did it.  I was moving data around from a super fast
striped ATA100 RAID to an appended LVM.  How can I throttle the LVM to
only allow a couple of MB/sec?!  That will also keep kjournald down at a
respectable CPU/MEM utilization instead of chewing up all my resources
and b0rking my system :)


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> On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 04:13:33PM +0200, David G?mez wrote:
> > LVM is not the cause of the problem. I also had the same problem: a 
> > fsck on an ext3 partition, lots of errors, and next time the only 
> > thing that left on the partition was a lost+found directory 
> with the 
> > remains of what was my ext3 filesystem.
> > 
> > I was using 2.4.10 when this happened, maybe is this the problem? 
> > Jason?
> well, I jsut tried it on a LVM and on a normal partition, 
> everything was okay. Some strange circumstances here.
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