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> did you apply the pending patches for LVM (1.0.1rc4 atm IMO)? 
> That helped a lot in my case (I have a DawiControll ATA100 
> controller as the base for my LVM)

No, because there were problems with 2.4.10 and 1.0.1rc4 for me.  I
don't think I could compile the kernel properly or the patching didn't
work properly.  That's why I settled on 2.4.10-ac11 because it had all
of the goodies in it that were rumored to be most stable at the time.

> > 3) Is there any way to throttle writes to an LVM, or an EXT3 
> > partition? I think that's what did it.  I was moving data 
> around from 
> > a super fast striped ATA100 RAID to an appended LVM.  How can I 
> > throttle the LVM to only allow a couple of MB/sec?!  That will also 
> > keep kjournald down at a respectable CPU/MEM utilization instead of 
> > chewing up all my resources and b0rking my system :)
> well, I guess you could use hdparm to slow down the discs, 
> but that's definately something you don't want :-)

Well then, help me figure out why the hell my system borked when I tried
to move stuff onto this filesystem!! :)

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