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Re: using non-default blocks per group

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, Andreas Dilger wrote:

> It shouldn't really be a problem because the size of the journal is much
> larger than a single stripe, and it is always used in a circular way, so
> it will do an equal amount of I/O to each disk.  Of course, if you are
> really looking for performance, you may want to put the journal on a
> separate disk.

I was thinking of that but unfortunately it means I need to waste a lot of
disk space.  Because writes are considered complete when committed to the
journal, the journal needs to be as reliable as main storage, and that
means mirrored.  The smallest disk in the size I require is 18GB, so I
would have to commit 36GB of disks and two bays just for the journal, and
even then the journal wouldn't have nearly as much bandwidth as main
storage which is striped over two mirrors of four disks each and four
SCSI channels.

However, ext3 will keep me from ever having to fsck 146GB.  Bonus!


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