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Re: AC3 Kernel vs regular kernel

Vignesa Moorthy wrote:
> Can anyone tell me what the difference between the "ac" kernel and the
> regular kernel are. Which would be a better platform to for ext3?

"ac" is the kernel stream which is released by Alan Cox.

Traditionally, ac kernels were a playground in which more
experimental patches and driver changes/additions were
tested prior to feeding them to Linus.  However, a number of
months ago the merging rate wasn't sufficient and hence Alan's
kernel ended up having a lot of enhancements and fixes which
simply weren't in Linus' tree.  For this reason most if not all
commercial distributors based off Alan's kernel.

Then, Linus went and introduced a bunch of quite fundamental
changes to core parts of the kernel and these things took
a while to settle down, so -ac was definitely the stable kernel.

Nowadays, Linus' kernel is more up to date with driver fixes and
such.  The main area of divergence is the different VM, ext3, usermode
Linux, x86-64 and a few other large subsystems.  The new VM in
Linus kernels seems to be shaping up quite well - I find it has
less of a tendency to push the things which I want into swap.  

As for the better platform for ext3: traditionally, -ac because
it has been a more stable basis and has had heaps more testing
from external users and distributors.  But I just spent a weekend
testing ext3-0.9.13 on kernel 2.4.13-pre5/6 and it's solid.

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