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Re: Re: 2.4.13 Stability?

>> On Oct 24, 2001  18:03 +0400, Eugene Crosser wrote:
>> > Could the developers please post to ext3-users when the diff against
>> > 2.4.13-vanilla is commited into CVS?  Thanks.
>> Give me a break.  I get Linus' post about 2.4.13 at 1:30 AM local time,
>> and people are asking for a patch at 7:30 AM local time.  Please have
>> some patience - the ext3 developers have lives as well.
>No kidding.  But some of us don't have a life ;).
>If you or anyone else wants a patch that compiles (but is NOT
>NECESSARILY STABLE OR EVEN BOOTABLE), let me know and I can e-mail you
>I took the 2.4.13-pre6 patch and applied it to the 2.4.13 tree, and then
>fixed the one patch reject.
>NO GUARANTEES AT ALL!!!!  I have not even tried to boot the 2.4.13
>kernel yet, so no testing has gone into this AT ALL.  It may not even
>But if you want to try it, let me know.  I should have been able to boot
>it and do some rudimentary testing by tomorrow (Oct. 25).

Yeha - I've done this too - first time that I've ever manually fixed
rejects but it seems to work too - I'm now using it on three machines
here, one of which has software raid 5, and everything seems to be
hunky dorey.

I do think that it's a little unfortunate that people who clearly don't
know the current state of development continuously ask for new patches -
I realise that most of the time it's not their fault for not knowing.

A quick and easy solution would simply to have a status line at the top
of the ext3 homepage (and download page) which simply says what is
available and what isn't available - I think that if people know then
the developers may not have to get frustrated when new diffs are
demanded of them every other day.

(Incidentally, we are just fixing the reject by adding back in the
BH_JBD line arn't we?)




Matthew Sackman

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