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Re: Re: 2.4.13 Stability?


On Thu, Oct 25, 2001 at 02:21:37PM -0700, Matthew Lyon wrote:
> i just installed rh72 with ext3 and then purposely pulled the plug in the 
> middle of a kde session to see if it'd fsck at startup... it did... am i 
> supposed to edit a fstab or something to fully enable journaling?

First, did it really come up as ext3?  "cat /proc/mounts" to see.

Secondly, why did fsck run?  It will *always* tell you why it is
choosing to run a full check.  Possible reasons include an error being
detected on the filesystem during the previous boot (the kernel will
record an error if any bad corruptions are found, so that a subsequent
boot is forced), the fs being uncleanly unmounted (which implies that
it was mounted as ext2, not ext3, beforehand), or the counter of
maximum mounts between forced fscks expiring (tune2fs -l will tell you
how many mounts are left until the next fsck, and you can change that,
including disabling the auto-fsck, also with tune2fs.)


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